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Елка Пенкова

Уважаеми колеги, както ви е известно, изданието на Червената книга (листа) на Югоизточноевропейските застрашени културни обекти вече е факт, както и че от Българска страна по проблема работи нашата колега Елка Пенкова.

Получи се блгодарствено писмо от д-р Петер Келер до колегата Елка Пенкова, което публикуваме по-долу:

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Ref: ICOM/ADM/PK/2021/193

Executive Board Member, ICOM Bulgaria

Paris, 27 October 2021
Dear Ms Penkova,
On 14 October we finally launched the Red List for Southeast European Cultural Objects at Risk on the ICOM website. This is the largest Red List ICOM has published to date, with over 100 objects from over 40 institutions. We could not have achieved this excellent result without your help, which is why I am writing to thank you for your advice, expertise and time given to this enormous Red List project.
As you know, this project took time to implement. Planning for the Red List SEE began back in 2016, only to be paused following the deteriorating situation in Yemen which necessitated the diversion of ICOM’s resources to produce an emergency Red List for that country. And while we were determined to push ahead despite the COVID-19 global pandemic, the transition to an online work platform was not ideal, and indeed presented immense challenges as we tried to bring this project to completion. However, throughout all of this, we have been very grateful for your dedication, patience and understanding. As a heritage professional in your own coun-try, your contributions to this project have played an important role in bringing preparation of the List to a successful conclusion.
Though this Red List is now complete – and we are confident it will represent a valuable con-tribution to the fight against illicit trafficking worldwide – our work together to protect the heritage of your country and the wider region continues. We must ensure maximum visibility to this List, disseminate it to as many partners as we can, and secure the translation of the List into Bulgarian, where possible. With this in mind, we look forward to continuing working with you into the future on further projects to promote our shared interest in heritage protection. And we remain at your service to assist you should you ever need our support.
Thanking you again for all your work on this project.
Yours sincerely,
Dr Peter KELLER Director General ICOM General Secretariat


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