“Does the Covid crisis bring the museums closer to remote audiences… or the other way around? ”

Have museums reached out to new audiences, particularly local audiences or prevented ones?
What initiatives have museums developed to make museums more accessible and to reach audiences that do not visit museums?
How will museums combine the two ways of visiting the collections: virtual tour (online) or physicial visit (on-site)?

Come to share and discuss with :
– Marie-Laure Estignard, director of the musée des arts et métiers, France
– Leena Sipponen, in charge of the photographic archives of the Espoo city museum, Finland
– Tania Veliskou, curator at the museum of Greek costume history in Athens, Greece
– …

Link to the session:

Meeting ID: 833 1342 6412
Code: 505596

Tuesday, July 6th
from 2pm to 3:30pm
meet and discuss on Zoom

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