National History Museum – exhibition collection Antonio Vassilev

Opening July 20, Tuesday, 11 a.m. – NHM

Антонио Василев: Радвам се, че съм колекционер - Култура

Antonio Vassilev collected his first exhibits in the distant 1992-1993. After that, his interest in collecting intensified and 25 years later it turned out that he had collected the largest collection tracing the development of goldsmithing and jewelry in the Bulgarian lands. In it you can see buckles, rings, jewelry, earrings, amulets and all kinds of jewelry used by the Bulgarian woman in the past.

Antonio Vassilev, collector: “The collection is based on the buckles, because they are the obligatory attribute at a wedding. Each of the fiancés was obliged to give his wife the buckle. Buckle and ring, these are the obligatory attributes of the Bulgarian woman at the wedding.”


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