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1st Scientific Conference with in-depth studies on museology.
on October 28-29 2021

In the framework of the 40th anniversary of the inauguration, the National Historical Museum is planning to organize an international scientific museological conference. The International Scientific Conference will present contemporary issues and the challenges that museums face today.

The National Historical Museum invites you to apply for participation in the International Scientific Conference on Museology “Museums renew the future”, a conference to be held in Tirana, on October 28th, 2021. The abstract will contain 250-300 words and must be submitted until October 12th, 2021 at:

Participants will be notified about the selection no later than October 20th, 2021.

The National Historical Museum undertakes only the organization of the Conference “Museums innovate the future”. Participants will have to use their own expense for both transportation and accommodation.

Orientation topics of the Conference:

• Museology, Heritage and Cultural Development
• Research Methodologies in Museology
• Museology and contemporary social issues
• Cultural policies and museology
• Government policies towards museums
• Forms of museum promotion
• The social function of museums
• Establishment of a museum network in the country
• Collection management and exhibition
• Museum collections and their promotion
• Curators in the improvement of the museum
• Conservation and preservation of museum collections
• Restoration of collections
• How to exhibit museum objects
• Museums and the future of collections
• Storytelling through collections
• Reflection of history through exhibitions
• Organization of collections at exhibitions
• Audio guides in museums
• Museology and Education
• Educational programs applied by museums
• The role of museum in education
• Collaborations between the museum and the schools
• Continuous education through history
• Museums and the community
• Growing audience in museums
• The social impact of the global pandemic on museums
• Museums in the digital era
• New Digital Perspectives on Collection Presentations in a Museum
• Adaptation of a museum for people with disabilities
• Access to people with disabilities in museums
• Disabilities and museums
• Methodologies of adaptation of a museum

The conference proceedings will be published during 2021. This publication will also serve as an orientation manual for solving the problems posed by contemporary museums.

Venue of the Conference:
UNESCO Hall, National Historical Museum, Tirana, Albania.

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