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ICOM Iceland, ICOM Norway, ICOM Sweden, ICOM Finland, ICOM Denmark, ICOM Germany


"Difficult Issues"

Helsingborg, Sweden, 21-23 September 2017, http://www.icom-helsingborg-2017.org/conference/

Call for papers. Deadline: April 1, 2017

Museums play a key role in creating and representing the shared cultural heritage of various communities. What is to be said about the stories museums facilitate? Why is something remembered and something else forgotten? What is highlighted, what hidden? What does restrict museums' freedom to act and / or do we restrict ourselves? What are the roles of public and local societies? Are museums prisoners of their own familiar practices and processes?

Six national committees of the International Council of Museums - ICOM Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Germany - jointly invite to a conference addressing demanding issues for today's museums and museum professionals. The conference will gather a large group of experts from these countries, where commonly shared culture and history reflect the ways we approach, collect and present cultural heritage.

Papers are particularly invited - but not restricted - to the topics such as:
- The role of politics for museums' freedom and choices,
- Awareness and choices on what to be remembered, forgotten or hidden,
- New challenges for museum professionals while working as societal actors,
- Questions on (de)accession, preservation, and ownership of museum objects.

The conference language is English.

Please find here further details on submitting an abstract:

Please submit paper proposals by April 1, 2017 using the EasyChair Submission page:

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