Относно: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation – EXARC Fellowship
Дата: 05.05.2017 12:05


*EXARC is proud to announce a fellowship offer together with America’s
largest outdoor living history
<http://exarc.net/lexicon/6#Living_history> museum
<http://exarc.net/lexicon/6#Museum>, Colonial Williamsburg.*

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation – EXARC Fellowship is intended to
advance the investigation and interpretation
<http://exarc.net/lexicon/6#Interpretation> of archaeological and
experimental archaeological heritage by supporting research and scholarship
through a partnership between EXARC, the international organization of
Open-Air Museums
<http://exarc.net/lexicon/6#archaeological_open-air_museums> (AOAM)
and Experimental
Archaeology <http://exarc.net/lexicon/6#Experimental_archaeology>, and the
Colonial Williamsburg, America’s largest outdoor living history museum.
This fellowship will fund one month of scholarship in residence at the
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Successful proposals will demonstrate
potential to advance the understanding and practice of reconstructive and
experimental archaeology and its interpretation through structured
experimentation to recreate material culture, technology
<http://exarc.net/lexicon/6#Technology>, or life-ways of the past.
Applicants need experience in ancient technology, experimental archaeology
or interpretation, applicable to 18th century colonial American times. This
can be of American, European or other origin.

Fellows are expected to be in continuous residence at Colonial Williamsburg
and to actively participate in the intellectual life of the Foundation's
research, educational, and interpretive campus. Fellowships carry a stipend
of $2,500 per month and are available to researchers with strong

*Applications are due May 19, 2017 and decisions will be announced by June
6, 2017. See the Application Procedures section below for information on

*Application Procedures*

To apply please submit a succinct project abstract (maximum 250 words), a
project description (not to exceed 1,000 words), and a c.v. Please indicate
in your proposal the fellowship to which you are applying and whether you
are a U.S. Citizen or eligible to work in the U.S. Proposals must be
submitted electronically as PDF or Word files via email to
fellowships@cwf.org. In addition, submit the names and contact information
for two professional references who could provide a letter of
recommendation at the request of the committee.

*Mailing Address:*
Fellowship Committee
Bruton Heights School, Room 132
301 First Street
Williamsburg, VA 23185

More information at: