On August 13, 2023, a work meeting was held with the assistance of the Minister of Culture Mr. Krastyu Krastev, between Prof. Svetla Dimitrova, Prof. Nikolay Nenov and Alexandar Valchev – members of the BNC of ICOM, and Dr. Sava Dragunchev, a representative of the National Cultural Fund.

The two organisations had an informative discussion on the objectives and tasks that they were working on. Following the discussion, they reached an agreement to re-establish the thematic sessions about cultural heritage at the National Cultural Fund, and to commence using more actively the expertise of the BNC of ICOM when developing processes and procedures, and when assessing project offers. It was agreed to broaden the opportunities for the museums to be included in and benefit from the thematic sessions.

The conversation with Dr. Dragunchev was  held in a kind and empathetic manner, and concluded with an optimistic vision for the development of the objectives that were set.

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