The renovated hall “The dynastic connection of the Bulgarian monarchy with Western Europe” in the Regional History Museum – Sofia, will be available for viewing from July 4.
The space itself is part of the Museum’s permanent exhibition.
The renovation is funded by the Ministry of Culture and includes: adding photographs and artwork; detailed texts dedicated to the three monarchs of the Third Bulgarian State – Prince Alexander I of Battenberg, Tsar Ferdinand I and Tsar Boris III; museum lighting; new information materials; additional seating and watching the thematic video in the hall; ensuring accessibility of the hall for people with impaired vision; using a font suitable for visitors with dyslexia.
A significant number of photographs illustrating the life and activities of the three rulers of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom are presented. Two reproductions of paintings from the early period of the election of Sofia as the capital complement the general knowledge of its development. For the blind, a model of the tomb of Prince Alexander I of Battenberg and monograms of the rulers, as well as texts in Braille, also bilingual, were also made, RIM-Sofia also points out.
A special book with coloring pictures and other materials related to the theme of the hall has been issued for the youngest visitors to the museum. It is already used in the activities of the museum educational program “Summer at the Museum”. For the convenience of visitors, benches will be installed for a more relaxed perception of the video in the hall, the museum also says.
On the opening day, access is free for everyone.
Source: BNR

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