New “Open Arts” foundation website
Open Arts Foundation is pleased to present its new enriched and transformed website!

The platform, published on 16 December 2021 , offers a huge archive of information about the Foundation and its many projects, which have inspired us over the years.

The content is built in four main panels: ‘About”, ‘Projects’, ‘Partners’ and ‘News’. The ‘ About’ panel contains information about our goals, ideas and history. In it you can read more about the team, media presence, awards and distinctions and the opinions of professionals we had the pleasure to partner with. The ‘ Projects‘ panel covers the platforms “Educational Program”; “City and Culture”, “Museums and Galleries”; “Other Projects”, all accompanied by a comprehensive archive of current and past activities. The panel will be updated in the future, in order to include more about our history. In the ” Partners” panel one can get to know the institutions and commercial partners which have been our friends and have supported the Foundation’s ideas through the years. The ” News” panel presents all of Open Arts’ current and past activities as the page currently includes over 160 articles.

You can visit the website at

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