Bulgaria is in the Second Group of ICOM and the membership fee for individual members is: Regular members 50 euros (100 levs), Students 20 euros (40 levs), Pensioners 20 euros (40 levs). In addition to the above amount, according to the category, as decided at the last General Meeting of BNC (06.02.2020), everyone should pay another BGN 30.00, which remains for the costs of BNC to ICOM.

According to the decision of the General Assembly of BNC of ICOM and in 2020, pensioners, honorary members and supporters of the regular administrative – organizational activities will pay only the amount of BGN 30 per year. The payment of the membership fee and the receipt of a stamp takes place at the Secretary of the BNC, M. Marinova (0888 835 1642), and for the current 2020 the deadline has passed.

ICOM BNC account:
UniCredit Bulbank
BIC 202003749
IBAN BG04 UNCR 7000 1520 8015 97
Bulgarian National Committee of ICOM

The stamps are received by providing a copy of the import note or sending a scanned version of the same document. When sending these documents, please write to us how you will receive the stamps – personally from the secretary, M. Marinova or someone close to you. Newly admitted members must also pay their annual fee. payment within the specified period. They will receive their stamp, along with the card, which will be sent from Paris. This can happen only if they present the whole set of documents / application, CV, original form for individual membership at ICOM Headquarters / – in original on paper and with signatures. Please, who has not submitted the full set of documents to bring the missing ones.

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