ICOM Standing Committee on Ethics (ETHCOM), webinar Revision of the ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums, Tuesday 29 March (2-3:30 pm CEST)


On Tuesday 29 March (2-3:30 pm CEST), the ICOM Standing Committee on Ethics (ETHCOM) will host a webinar for the ICOM membership from Europe, as one in a series of regional webinars that are part of the second consultation concerning the revision of the ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums.

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The ICOM Code of Ethics is the fundamental document that defines standards of principled conduct for museums and museum professionals worldwide. It provides a unifying framework for the profession and guides the field. As such, it is important that it reflect current values, attitudes, and concerns. In 2021, ETHCOM began the process of revising the current Code, but wishes to be sure that as many of ICOM’s members as wish to participate are able to do so.

From 1 March – 18 April 2022, the second phase of consultation about the revision of the Code is running. Through the consultation ETHCOM seeks input through ICOM’s National and International Committees, Regional Alliances, and Affiliated Organizations, as well as directly from individual members, considering 3 questions:

  • What is currently missing in the Code of Ethics?
  • What is there, but needs to be changed?
  • What is obsolete in the Code and should be removed?

 The webinar contextualises the consultation and will discuss the process for the revision, the history of the Code from a legal perspective and reflections on how the Code functions. Speakers will be Robert Peters (Germany), Johannes Beltz (Switserland) and Steph Scholten (UK/Netherlands).

All information relevant to the consultation has been brought together in the Member Space on the ICOM website.

Contributions will be solicited through the webinars, the National and International Committees, Regional Alliances, and Affiliated Organizations.  Individual comments and suggestions may be sent to ethics@icom.museum.

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