On April 12 (Tuesday), from 17:30 in the National Polytechnic Museum (NPTM) we will celebrate the Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics. On this occasion, Assistant Professor Dr. Nikolay Solakov and Assistant Professor Dr. Kamelia Loginovska from the Institute of Cryobiology and Food Technology (ICCT) at the Agricultural Academy will present some of the favorite food of astronauts and astronauts. After the USA and Russia, Bulgaria is the third country in the world to produce lyophilized food, used in situations where the human body has to withstand extreme tests – space flights, long expeditions, serious diseases. In our special showcase are also presented devices and equipment created by Bulgarian scientists, used in various scientific space programs and flights. Here is a model of a space greenhouse – what is grown in it? The “Culinary Party” will be held at the exhibition, where more than 100 Lego Star Wars models are currently on display. Anyone who wants to can come up with a themed costume of a character from your favorite interstellar saga.
There will be surprises…
Admission for children and students is free.
Don’t miss: April 12, 5:30 p.m.!

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