Dear colleagues,

A couple of weeks ago, we asked for your help to bring three European Museum Academy Awards to the attention of the museum community within your country:

  1. Luigi Micheletti Award: European prize for innovative museums in the world of contemporary history, industry and science
  2. DASA Award: Honours learning opportunities in museums
  3. Art Museum Award: Honours artistic projects that address current social issues

The closing date for applications was set on 15 April 2022. Due to the uncertain time in which we’re living, we decided to give potential candidates some more time and to extend the closing date until 29 April 2022.

We kindly ask you to communicate this new closing date via your channels as soon as possible. Please feel free to use the enclosed GIF animation. You might also want to use one of the below texts.

Please let us know should you have any queries.

Thanks a lot for your help!

With kind regards,

Karl Borromäus Murr
Chairman of the Board of the European Museum Academy

#CallforApplications  #EMAAwards
Don’t miss the chance to profit from the visibility and networking opportunities offered to your museum by taking part in the  #EuropeanMuseumAcademy  #Awards. Hundreds of museums have already done so in more than 20 years of activity of the  #MichelettiAward, 10 years of the  #DASAAward and the  #ArtMuseumAward which was launched in 2021. Candidates will be visited by EMA qualified experts and presented at the Annual EMA Meeting in September 2022. The  #closingdate for applications is 29 April 2022.
Visit the website for more information on the awards and the application form.

Or shorter:
Apply for one of the #EMAAwards: #MichelettiAward #DASAAward and #ArtMuseumAward
# deadline 29 April 2022


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