Louvre Museum

Revolutionary change at the Louvre. The most famous museum in the world has announced that it is cutting by a third the number of visitors who enter its halls every day. Instead of the usual around 45,000 guests during the busiest periods, a maximum of 30,000 are now allowed in a museum. The management of the museum explained the change with the desire to provide a more pleasant tour for visitors, as well as an optimal working environment for employees. During the pandemic, the Louvre remained closed for 16 weeks and suffered losses of 40 million euros. The museum had a hard time recovering its visits. But the change now is not about that. In September of last year, for the first time in the 229-year history of the Louvre, a woman took the post of director – Laurence de Carre. It announced that it is preparing to undertake some urgent reforms to optimize and modernize its operations. One of them was precisely to put an end to the crowds in the corridors and halls, because of which some do not even manage to approach the works they came to see. Source: standartnews.com

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