Reminder to apply for the 2023 Art Museum Award
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Reminder to apply for the 2023 Art Museum Award

15 April 2023
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Dear colleagues,

We are thrilled to announce that the European Museum Academy will once again be presenting the Art Museum Award, an annual prize recognizing exceptional art museums and galleries across Europe.

We extend a warm invitation to take part in the competition for the third edition of the Art Museum Award. The winner will be announced at the Annual EMA Meeting in September 2023.
Please note that the closing date for applications has been extended to 15 April 2023, and there is a fee of € 300 to submit an application.

The Art Museum Award is dedicated to honoring museum projects that work with art in an innovative, creative way to address current social issues. We aim to identify new role models of excellence that can inspire and showcase the social role and relevance of art museums and galleries.

We are proud to have awarded the Art Museum Award to outstanding institutions in the past years.
As Prof. Fiona Kearney, Museum Director at The Glucksman, Cork, Ireland (Art Museum Award Winner 2022) states, ‘The Glucksman was honoured to win the 2022 Art Museum Award, especially as it acknowledged the gallery’s commitment to inclusion and how diverse communities can play a role in the creation as well as enjoyment of contemporary art. We are very proud to be recognized as an exemplar of social impact in a European context, and the award gives us the confidence to continue this groundbreaking work at a national and international level.‘

The 2021 winner, Karen Grøn, Museum Director at Trapholt – museum of modern art, craft, and design, Kolding, Denmark, expresses her thoughts on the award, ‘The Art Museum Award 2021 meant for Trapholt museum of Modern Art and Design, that our deeply rooted socially engaged practice and approaches to make the museum relevant got public awareness and recognition. Our team of passionate colleagues became proudly aware, that our approach which we on a daily basis take for granted is seen by others as both visionary and special.’

For more information about the award and how to submit your application, please visit our website at

The Art Museum Award is generously supported by the A.G. Leventis Foundation.

Please also take a look at our website for information about our other awards:

We’re looking forward to receiving your entries and showcasing your accomplishments.

With kind regards,
Karl Borromäus Murr
Chairman of the Board of the European Museum Academy

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