One of the most remarkable Bulgarian treasures becomes part of the exhibition “Luxury and Power: From Persia to Greece”, which opens on May 4 at the British Museum, London.

This was announced by the National History Museum (NIM) on its website. The exhibition provides a fascinating opportunity to examine the ways in which luxury influenced political power in Persia and Greece.

It explores the people of the past and their way of life, from the elite of the Persian court to ordinary citizens,” says British Museum director Hartwig Fischer. The exhibition will feature dazzling objects from Europe to Asia.

The curator of the exhibition “Luxury and Power: From Persia to Greece” Dr. Jamie Fraser said from Sofia that the British Museum and the NIM have agreed to exchange best practices, experts in the field of museum work, archeology and cultural heritage.

Fraser also visited the Boyan Church and the Valley of the Thracian Kings.

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