Regional History Museum-Sofia surprises visitors with a digital 3D graphic reconstruction in which visitors can perform various activities in a virtual environment through the use of virtual reality glasses, is among the highlights of the renovated facility “Triangular Tower of Serdika”. Regional History Museum-Sofia will open the renovated museum on September 17 (at 16 “Knyaginya Maria Luiza” Blvd.), RIM-Sofia reports, quoted by BTA.

The digital reconstruction of the tower is realized on the basis of the results of archaeological research and the use of knowledge and analogies about the technology and materials used in the construction of the fortress in the period II-VI centuries. For the creation of this product RIM-Sofia is in close cooperation with Laboratory “ Virtual and Augmented Reality”, part of the Research and Development Association at Sofia Tech Park.

“Thanks to the joint work of ROME-Sofia with the association for ancient reconstructions “Mos Mayorum Ulpie Serdice”, a video material was created, presenting reconstructed equipment of ancient weapons and equipment from the period II-VI centuries. For the projection of the video, a multimedia projector and screen were installed in the space east of the remains of the tower,” says RIM-Sofia.

Simultaneously with the realization of these activities, the museum will renew the contents of the two museum showcases and the space around them, presenting the topics of ancient fortress construction and military work from the period II-VI centuries. Scientific and auxiliary materials for tactile perception by people with visually impaired – a model of the tower, a reconstruction of the stone inscription for the construction of the fortress wall of Serdika and a board with narrative texts in Braille, the museum also tells.


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