Откриха неизвестна творба на Рембранд, била скрита от векове

A hidden sketch has been found under Rembrandt’s Night Watch, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam said. Director Tako Dibits described the discovery as a “breakthrough”, presenting a new study of the iconic work from 1642. “We always suspected that Rembrandt should have sketched the canvas before embarking on this extremely complex composition, but we had not found proof, “he said. Experts from the Rijksmuseum have been working for two and a half years on the Operation Night Watch project, using various techniques and computer technologies to gather as much data as possible about the work. and let’s see how he takes the first steps in creating the masterpiece, “the museum said in a statement. New technologies allow experts from a famous Dutch museum to analyze “in the smallest detail” the materials used by Rembrandt. According to the study, the artist used beige paint with a high content of chalk for his rough sketch. Meanwhile, the Rijksmuseum announced that minor deformations that the painting “Night Watch” has received in its upper left corner are to be repaired. The painting will be removed from the wooden frame next month and placed in a new one to straighten the “ripples”. They appeared when the work was moved to a temporary gallery during the restoration work at the Amsterdam Museum between 2003 and 2013.

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