Liszt Institute – Hungarian Cultural Institute Sofia


Center for Modern and Contemporary Art MODEM, Debrecen (Hungary)



Curator: Dr. Sabolch Schüli-Zakar

4 May – 25 June 2023

Opening: May 3, 2023, Thursday, 6:30 p.m.,
SAMSI, 2 Cherni Vrah Blvd.

You cannot ascertain or define what art is… you can only feel it.” Jozef Tashnadi

Jozef Tashnadi’s exhibition shows installations, interventions and experimental digital works produced after 2010, complemented by earlier drawings. Lyrical installations with their own sound, as well as intellectual and sensitive poeticized objects that reflect on each other, enable associativeness and give them additional meaning.

A variant of the exhibition is presented in 2022 at the Modern and Contemporary Art Center MODEM, Debrecen. Tashnadi’s creative activity spans various artistic disciplines and genres. However, his texts, drawings, digital experiments, installations and interventions are part of an extremely coherent, organic whole. Poetic, creative aspects of deeply lived experience. Tashnadi looks for his inspiration not within, but outside of art. It discovers things that spontaneously connect to such meta-contents as hope, memory, death, the impossibility of sharing, paradox, place, space and time, the presence or absence of such.

At the same time, he also explores the relationship between technology and art. In the focus of his works of recent years, he places the relationship between man and machine, the relationship between technologies, metaphorical vision and poetic thinking.
With the help of hybrid contemporary creative means, he determines for topics important questions in which (scientific) research, (artistic) processing/reflection and the need for poetic synthesis are closely related.

Jozef Tashnadi (1960) is a painter and visual artist. He works and lives in Budapest. He teaches at the Moholi-Nad University of Arts (MOME). He graduated in architecture, graphics and painting. In the 1990s he created installations and utopian projects. In his works, he analyzes the variants of invisible and possible images, of time and abstract concepts, the connections between contradiction and visuality. At the end of the millennium, a creative strike lasting nearly 10 years began. In parallel, it explores the relationship between informatics and art, the immaterial aspects of art. In the last decade, his interests have focused on multimedia installations and intervention art. He often works abroad.

Tashnadi focuses on associations and visually generated stories. His installations, interventions and generative digital experiments are visual essays that are rewritten into stories, narratives into text and in which rich, lush, free fields of interpretation and association unfold.

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