Dear colleagues,
With the arrival of spring, we will once again celebrate the International Day of Museums, facing old and new challenges. Let us forget about the problems we face on a daily basis and be proud that at least once a year the importance of our work for the benefit of society is properly celebrated. You are responsible for the preservation of cultural heritage and historical memory, which create a sense of continuity and confidence among people in the strength of the land on which they live. Thanks to you, the rich cultural heritage of Bulgaria becomes the main means of cultural and educational communication, it fits into the pan-European cultural exchange and is established as a value system-forming factor in the education of future generations.
In this sense, this year’s ICOM focus on the theme “Museums, sustainability and well-being” highlights the vital role of museums in promoting sustainable development and increasing the well-being of society, which is unthinkable without spirituality!
Let’s wish each other energy, professionalism, inspiration and optimism for the holiday, so that we don’t lose courage to stand up and achieve the goals along the path that we all chose not for material benefits, but with love and dedication to the profession. And don’t forget that Museum means Temple of the Muses!
Happy holiday !

Board of Directors of BNK of ICOM

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