The European Night of Museums was first organized in 2005 by the French Ministry of Culture, and in just a few years the initiative has been successfully disseminated throughout Europe. Bulgarian museums and galleries are included in its first edition. In its format, the European Night of Museums is a wide open program to the widest possible circle of people who have the opportunity not only to touch the exhibits and works presented by museums and galleries, but also to feel their messages. The concept of the initiative is to reach a large circle of people, with an emphasis – the young audience, by presenting an unusual and attractive program, which in addition to the opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural heritage, to offer other cultural events. The national program to mark the traditional European initiative in 2022, prepared by the Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Museums and Fine Arts of the Ministry of Culture, includes: thematic exhibitions, concerts and various art events and special events dedicated to the Night.

You can find the program for Sofia here:

You can download the PDF with the national program from the website of the Ministry of Culture

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