To the Museum College in the Republic of Bulgaria

Dear colleagues, For 2022, the world museum community has chosen the motto

The Power of Museums.

The choice was preceded by an international dialogue, which insisted on the Museum’s ability to transform the world around us, to build a better future. In the vision of this happening, the notion of power stands out above all, as providing opportunities for achieving sustainability. Museums are key partners for sustainable development, including the social economy and the dissemination of scientific knowledge, etc.

Power is seen as an opportunity for innovation in digitalisation and accessibility. They become a terrain for innovative games that can be developed and applied in everyday life, become more accessible and attractive, attracting audiences and helping the audience to understand complex and nuanced concepts.

It is also about power as supporting the community through education. Offering lifelong learning opportunities, museums are involved in modeling an informed and engaged society.

In fact, power is an obligation! Bulgarian museums are worthy of fulfilling this duty in the service of society.

I wish everyone a successful day (May 18) and European Night (May 14) of the museums! I take this opportunity to congratulate the board on the upcoming Holiday of Bulgarian Culture – May 24!

With respect,

Corresponding Member, Professor Mila Santova, Ph.D. art history , Chairman of the BNC of ICOM

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