Lecture by Dr. Liliana Milkova and practical lesson on
23.04.2024 by 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m
Hall 19, Square 500, “St. Alexander Nevsky”, 19th February Street 1
We ask for confirmation of participation by April 16 in order to comply the organization of the training in relation to the enrollees.
Access: ticket – BGN 10.
Dr. Liliana Milkova, head of the “Education” department and Nolan curator of educational and academic programs at the Art Gallery of Yale University in the USA examines the constructive role of the museum today in the education of students and high school students in all fields of science. The lecture presents the theoretical foundations, advantages and applications of the innovative museum pedagogy, which is based on the active engaging visitors with the museum space and collections. Okay the thoughtful live educational encounter with works and objects of art can not only enrich or reinforce learners’ knowledge, but also to develop in them useful skills and habits of thought, and also to broaden their understanding of interdisciplinary methodologies and research. After the lecture, participants will engage in a demonstration of accessible practical classes with an inclusive function and broad application, aiming to prompted to a careful and thorough looking which is at the center of any educational experience at the museum. Dr. Liliana Milkova has many years of experience in developing the effective educational role of the university museum and is the author of publications in the field of museum pedagogy and art history. She protected PhD in Art Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, USA and is specialized in the “Photography” department of the National Gallery of the USA in Washington.

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